Our solutions for the aeronautics industry

In the aeronautics industry, sensors, encoders and potentiometers are used for a variety of applications, including measuring the position, speed, pressure and temperature of various aeronautics systems.

Sensors are primarily used to measure fuel line pressure, exhaust gas temperature, air velocity for air control systems, and to measure the pressure and temperature of hydraulic fluids.

Potentiometers are used to measure the position of manual controls, such as flight control levers and rudder pedals, as well as to measure the position of aircraft control surfaces.

They are key components in the aviation industry, contributing to the accuracy, reliability and safety of aircraft systems.

Our position sensors are widely used in civil aviation for position setting and feedback. They are available in several technologies such as wound, plastic track, hybrid and Hall effect, with rotary or linear potentiometer types. The sensors have an operating temperature of up to +170°C for the plastic and Hall effect tracks. They have a linearity of 0.1% for rotary sensors with single or multi-turn, single or multi-track options and body diameters from 12 mm. Outputs are available with gold-plated terminals or wires equipped with connectors on request and electrical angles up to 360° for a single turn. Track and cursor assemblies are also available on request for rectilinear transducers (except Hall effect) with body diameters of 9.5 mm and a mechanical interface for fixing by ball joints or flanges.

SEMIP and CODECHAMP offer a variety of innovative and high performance products and solutions within the framework of ISO 9001 standards to meet your needs in the aeronautical field.