Semip, international leader in the design and production of precision potentiometers and magnetic hall effect sensors.

SEMIP, designer and manufacturer of potentiometric position sensors, is located in Argenteuil, a few minutes from Paris and the international business center of La Défense. Since 1960, we have always offered innovative and efficient solutions using coil, plastic track or hall effect technologies in accordance with the rules of the art and within the framework of ISO 9001 standards. This know-how has been successfully applied by world leaders in the defense, civil and military aeronautics, space and motor sports industries. We constantly invest in R&D to support our partners in their new projects and in their search for productivity gains. We distinguish ourselves by creating custom designs to facilitate the integration of our sensors on our customers' systems.


SEMIP has been designing and manufacturing precision potentiometers since 1960. The mastery of the technologies used in our sensors allows us to offer you a large choice of solutions adapted to your applications.

Coiled technology :
A resistant wire is wound on an insulating support using a process that allows us to guarantee an absolute regularity of winding. This process allows us to offer single and multi-turn rotary potentiometers as well as rectilinear potentiometers of a very high precision.

Conductive plastic technology :
We have always produced our conductive plastic inks in our laboratory under controlled atmosphere. These conductive plastics are deposited on an insulating support before being polymerized to form the potentiometer track. The application process is automated and controlled by a specific software.

These conditions of realization and deposit make it possible to guarantee to our sensors optimal performances.

The assembly of our potentiometers uses precious metals for the strategic elements of the product. This assembly is carried out by specific automatic machines and by versatile operators in a workshop under controlled atmosphere of class 100.000 (ISO 8) in the respect of the standards in force. The assembly under laminar flow hood of class 10.000 (ISO 7) is also possible according to the applications. The final control of the potentiometer is carried out on an automatic machine guaranteeing a great reliability of the results.

Hall Effect Technology: Semip also has a family of ITAR FREE Hall Effect sensors, without any line of code, built around an ASIC developed 100% for SEMIP thus eliminating any risk of obsolescence. This proprietary solution allows us to offer high performance sensors.

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