Motor sport

Our solutions for the motorsport industry

Motorsport is an extremely demanding environment, where cars and drivers are subjected to intense physical and mechanical stress. Race cars are designed to operate at very high speeds and experience high forces during cornering, braking and acceleration.

Our sensors have proven themselves in a wide range of automotive applications where accuracy, stability and robustness are essential.
 Our sensors are used in major applications such as Formula 1, World Rally Championship (WRC) and Le Mans.

Our sensors are used in sports cars for strategic applications such as engine control, gearbox, suspension and steering wheel angle, which illustrates the reliability and performance of our products. The new sensors are systematically approved by the FIA. Technologies offered include coil, plastic or hybrid track and Hall effect, offering linearity of 0.1%. The types of potentiometers offered are rotary or rectilinear.For rotary sensors, SEMIP offers single or multi-turn options, with single or multiple tracks. Body diameters start at 12mm, with titanium body options available on request. Synchro or anti-vibration mounts can also be requested. The electrical interface is supplied with wires fitted with connectors on request, and the electrical angle can be up to 360° for a single turn.
For rectilinear transducers (except Hall effect), SEMIP offers single or dual track options, with a minimum body diameter of 9.5 mm.
The mechanical mounting interface can be by ball joints or flanges, and the outputs are provided with wires equipped with connectors on request. The measuring stroke starts from 10 mm.

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