Our solutions for the defense sector

The defense industry is very broad and includes land, air and naval defense. The constraints in this field are significant, including safety, reliability, integrity and regulatory compliance.

In the defense field, it is essential that sensors and potentiometers are reliable, robust and capable of operating in extreme environments, such as high temperatures, vibration and shock, dust and dirt conditions, etc. Specific sensors and potentiometers are developed to meet these requirements and to operate reliably under harsh conditions. As a specialist in linear and angular position measurement, we offer a complete range of encoders and sensors for measurement, positioning, control and servoing. Codechamp and Semip are committed to participating in the most advanced studies in the field of defense, following the requirements of programs for various applications.

In the field of land defense, CODECHAMP works on projects such as radars, tank turrets and ammunition magazines, and in the naval field, on projects such as turrets, radars and sighting systems. SEMIP sensors are highly suitable for military aviation applications due to their accuracy and reliability.

SEMIP sensors can be used for control surfaces of missiles or fighter aircraft, antenna position for homing radar, joysticks, tank sights or helicopter autopilot.

Overall, CODECHAMP and SEMIP offer great versatility to meet the position measurement needs of this industry.

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