Our solutions for the space sector

The space sector is very vast and involves a wide variety of technologies and skills, ranging from the manufacture of space vehicles, through propulsion, navigation and control systems, to communication and data processing. In addition, the environments are extreme and safety requirements are very high. These applications require a high level of quality, reliability and performance.

Robust and safe measuring devices are a prerequisite for automatic positioning. Our know-how based on applications in many sectors combined with the highest standards of product and service quality ensures that you have a strong and reliable partner at your side.

Our products are used in major applications for servo loops, antenna pointing mechanisms, sight change mechanisms, solar panel control mechanisms for geostationary satellites, sensors and telescopes.

Our potentiometers and encoders are already integrated:
- In the SADM (Solar Array Drive Mechanism) in charge of the orientation of the solar panels of the geostationary satellites;
- In some functions of the ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) of the SPACEBUS program;
- In the Pleiades project (Earth observation satellite program developed by CNES);
- In the Rosetta Interplanetary Probe (© EADS SPACE);
- In the Eutelsat program (Satcom : Hot Bird).

spatial satellite observation terre | Illustration du satellite Trishna | © CNES/ill./REGY Michel, 2021 Illustration du satellite Trishna | © CNES/ill./REGY Michel, 2021