Our solutions for the industrial sector

In industry, sensors, encoders and potentiometers are widely used for a variety of measurement and control applications. Position and displacement sensors are often used to measure dimensions, positions, angles, displacements and vibrations. Rotary and linear encoders are used to measure angular or linear position and velocity. Potentiometers are used to measure rotational angles and linear positions.

Exposed to harsh conditions, they must guarantee a safe and continuous process. Reliability is the most important feature, especially in installations that involve very high operating costs. This reliability is guaranteed by the high robustness and quality of our products.

In the industrial field, SEMIP works on machine tools, textile machines, dividing plates, industrial robots or motors.

Our potentiometers are integrated, in particular :

- Fabric cutters (© Lectra);

- Industrial robots (© Soufflerie Onera).

robot industriel