Nuclear power

Our solutions for the nuclear industry

The nuclear industry is not like any other industry. It is subject to national and international regulations that define the requirements in terms of safety, quality, environment and radiation protection. It is also subject to very strict confidentiality rules to protect sensitive information related to the safety and security of installations.

Sensors and potentiometers are widely used in this field to measure various parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, radiation and many other important variables. Measurements are essential to ensure the safety, performance and security of nuclear facilities.

Exposed to harsh conditions, sensors and potentiometers must ensure a safe and continuous process. Reliability is the most important feature, especially in installations with very high operating costs. This reliability is guaranteed by the high robustness and quality of our products. In the nuclear field, our products are installed in handling systems in irradiated areas.

Our potentiometers are integrated, in particular :

- Overhead travelling cranes in very highly irradiated areas (© Orano)