The CAP50-01 is a single-turn pancake-type absolute optical encoder that offers outstanding features. With a diameter of 119 mm and a size of 50, it is compact yet offers high performance.

The encoder can achieve a resolution of up to 23 bits, allowing precise measurement of motion. Its accuracy is ± 10 arc seconds, ensuring reliable and accurate results in various applications.

Powered by +5V, the CAP50-01 is compatible with various systems and offers SSI2 or SSI serial output, ensuring flexible connectivity with other equipment.

With an operating speed of 300 rpm, this encoder is suitable for applications requiring fast movements. Its extended temperature range of -45°C to +105°C allows it to operate in extreme environments, while its maximum protection rating (IP) makes it resistant to dust and water.

The CAP50-01 is popular in areas such as industrial automation, machine tools and other applications where accurate measurement, reliability and compactness are essential. Its rugged design and high performance make it a preferred choice for many professionals.

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up to 23 bits
± 10’’
Power supply
+ 5V
Serial output
Operating speed
300 rpm
Load on shaft (axial and radial)
Max. temperature range
-45°C to +105°C
IP maxi


Optical encoders with Codechamp Optical Encoder technology offer many advantages.

Using a combination of advanced optical and digital technology, they provide accurate conversion of rotary motion into digital signals.

Codechamp optical encoders incorporate state-of-the-art electronics directly into the housing, simplifying installation and integration into existing systems. Thanks to their non-magnetic construction, our optical encoders are insensitive to magnetic interference, ensuring accurate and reliable measurement in critical environments. Designed to fit different mechanical configurations, they also offer flexibility to meet the specific needs of each application.

With a resolution of up to 26 bits in single-turn operation, our optical encoders offer exceptional angular accuracy, enabling fine detection of rotary motion. Thanks to their advanced design and precise measurement technology, our optical encoders offer excellent angular accuracy.

Our optical encoders are designed to operate reliably in extreme environments, withstanding high or low temperatures, shock, vibration and other harsh conditions.

Known for their exceptional reliability, our optical encoders offer consistent performance even under demanding operating conditions.

Thanks to their compact design, they help to reduce the overall weight of systems, which is crucial for applications requiring weight optimisation.

On request, we offer full redundancy for our optical encoders, ensuring increased safety and continuity of operation in critical applications.

When you choose our high-quality optical encoders, you benefit from advanced technology that offers exceptional accuracy, reliability and adaptability to meet the requirements of your application, whether in the aerospace, defence, industrial or automotive sectors.